Wingman Ralph

The AI Assistant You Need
We’ve trained up your Wingman to assist you in your communications activities.

Designed to help you with everything from brainstorming ideas to finding journalists.

Wingman Ralph can assist with headline inspiration, reviewing your release, or even writing content.
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Wingman Ralph
Ready to Serve

Brainstorm & Inspo
When you need some fresh ideas, Wingman Ralph can help give you some broad concepts and get you on your way.

Copy Review
Copy Review
Wingman Ralph is ready to assist. Whether suggesting a starting point with a fresh creative copy, or reviewing your own copy. You’ll get your release ready in no time!

Headline Suggestions
Suggest Headlines
Struggling to find that killer headline? Wingman Ralph can review your copy and give you some attention grabbing headlines for your media releases.

Target Outlets and Journalists
Target Outlets
Let Wingman Ralph quickly identify suitable media outlets for your release and specific journalists who have written about similar stories previously.
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The all-in-one PR solution for Agencies and In-house Comms Teams that will change the way you communicate

   Designed for Communication Pros
   Streamline Effort with Automation
   Reduce Duplication, Increase Accuracy
   KPI Management
   Uniform Stationary and Outputs
   Single Point of the Truth
   Track and Schedule Emails
   Client and Media Management
   Pitch Management Solution
   Manage Spokespeople & Talent