Frequently Asked Questions

For too long, communication teams have been left without a solution designed specifically with them in mind.

When data is kept everywhere, in an uncontrolled manner, consistency becomes a critical factor and Communication Managers can’t make decisions or plan effectively.

With Excel still the most common place to store media contacts and critical contracts being kept in an array of folders, stored in different locations, it’s unsurprising that errors are made, and information is lost.

BUZZHub is built by communication professionals for communication professionals, offering an end-to-end workflow management solution with a central point to track and manage everything from contacts to contracts.

Because BUZZHub increases productivity, reduces errors and provides automation and tracking you really can’t afford not to use BUZZHub.

BUZZHub is an end-to-end workflow solution for communications, it provides you a central location to manage your engagements, develop business leads, manage contracts, build and execute a communication strategy, pitch to the media and report.

Further, it gives you the ability to offer your clients their own Client Portal and Scheduling Portal and your own NewsWire with trackable access.

BUZZHub does not offer or provide media contacts. However, you can import and export your Client and Media contacts into BUZZHub.

We believe that anyone worth their salt already knows who they need to communicate with in the media, so we have not focused on scraping email addresses - plus, selling you emails without explicit permission would be against GDPR. Not to mention that we just don't like the idea of selling contact information!

Your media contacts are strictly kept within your subscription and accessible only to you and your team.

We understand that everyone in communications has their go-to people in the media and form a big part of your business edge.

In our opinion, it doesn't make sense to use a service where everyone has access to the same contacts!

We also understand that the media do not usually spent time seeking out PR agencies, but agencies forge the relationship with the media, this is why your media contacts will only be able to view content where relationships already exist.



We understand how important your brand is when communicating with your clients. Therefore we have ensured you can represent your brand through BUZZHub.

You can apply your own branding to all external portals and stationery produced by BUZZHub. This includes all PDF reports, Client Portal, NewsWire, Survey and Scheduling Portal.

Our system is built on a specialty media CRM that provides the workflow throughout BUZZHub. To ensure that data is consistent you can upload your contacts using a provided Excel template document.

We do provide assistance as part of the on-boarding process to import your contacts into the system.

Contract and Campaign information is kept indefinitely, until you choose to remove it.

Transactional data such as e-mail history and shared files are kept for two years, after which time they are automatically deleted.

You can store Media Clips in BUZZHub and it’s a great way to track your coverage and share content with your clients.

You are however responsible for maintaining your own copyright license and must have the rights to store and retain content.

BUZZHub has multiple methods for sharing content, depending on who the audience is.

You can easily share content with the media through the NewsWire and your clients can access content via the Client Portal.

If you want to share content with other people, you can create a unique file sharing code and track when and how many times the file is downloaded.

We provide an online hosted training session for new BUZZHub clients. This is provided once at the beginning of the agreement.

Should you recruit new staff who need to be trained they can either use the online training material or arrange for a personalized training session.

BUZZHub will give you a mix of tables, charts, graphs, and visualisations on your campaigns to track your success.

As your campaign develops you can track numbers in real time such as AVE, audience reach, media items, along with breakdowns for state/region.

We acknowledge that some people prefer not to use AVE, so we have provided the option for this to be turned off and excluded from reports.

BUZZHub also provides engagement analytics for content downloads and email read percentages.

Because BUZZHub helps you keep all of your information in one location, reducing duplication and keeping a single source of the truth, reporting is a breeze.

The reporting system integrates with the CRM, Story Builder and Coverage and Bookings System, so the reports are automated.

Once you request a report, BUZZHub will build the report in the background and send you an email with the report attached after a few minutes.

The report can then also be accessed from the Client Portal, through the Client CRM, or within the Report Builder.

If you make manual adjustments to the report via a PDF editor, you can upload your revised version which will then also be available from the same locations.

An account can only be used from one computer at a time. If you login with your account on another computer, it will log you out elsewhere.

BUZZHub also uses two-factor authentication to protect against other people trying to login with your credentials.

The administrator of your account can place an admin lock to temporarily prevent login access.

BUZZHub helps manage your workflow for telephone and email pitching.

Using our custom Story Builder, you can ensure all your assets are ready and your release will go with as little human error as possible.

Our specialist email process helps build personalised emails through a series of quick actions, templates, and tight integration with the CRM. BUZZHub provides the tools to quickly select the country and region, along with a granular selection tool to select contacts based on size, location and media type.

The functions in BUZZHub will prevent you from accidentally emailing the same contact multiple times or contacts who are temporarily out of the office.

For improved efficiency BUZZHub can help you build custom lists, so you can quickly reach out to your trusted contacts in the media, for each different type of pitch.

Our telephone pitching process helps to ensure you keep track of who you are pitching and the outcome of each pitch, enabling you to report on the success of the story or to find common reasons why your pitch isn’t working giving you the information you need to adjust your pitch.

We offer several email solutions to suit different needs. If you send small quantities of emails you can configure BUZZHub to use your own email system, such as Office365.

However, Office365 has a few limitations. Firstly, you cannot set a custom sent-from name or reply-to address. Office365 will automatically use the details from the account you specify. Further, if you mass-mail (e.g., send to more than a hundred or so emails), Office 365 will not send the messages and it might not even tell you it hasn’t sent them.

Therefore, if you plan on sending large volumes of emails (e.g., more than 100 per batch), we strongly suggest using our mass-mail service.

Using the mass-mail service allows you to set custom sent-from and reply-to addresses and supports large volumes of emails. There are a few verification steps needed and we will need to work with your IT team to complete this setup.

If you already have your own mass-mail product, such as SendGrid, you can easily enter your login details into the configuration within BUZZHub.

BUZZHub provides an extensive help section that includes step-by-step documentation for each function.

During the initial agreement engagement, BUZZHub will provide setup and orientation training. Additional bespoke training sessions can be quoted upon request.

Because BUZZHub requires a bespoke configuration for each client, we are unable to provide a self-service demo function.

We can provide you a walk-through demo of BUZZHub so that you can see it working and try out the functions.

Simply follow the Request a Demo or Register links from the BUZZHub website. You will need to complete a form which provides the starting blocks for creating your account within BUZZHub.

Once you have completed the form, we will be in touch to arrange a demo and get you started.

BUZZHub provides support on two levels. The first is (9x5xNBD) which is working hours, Monday to Friday, with a next business day response. The second is (24x7x6) which is everyday with a 6-hour response.

The time zone we operate in is Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) and our standard support hours are Monday to Friday 08:30 – 17:00 AEST. 

We provide 24x7 support to subscribers who have an active 24x7 support agreement. Support requested outside of business hours requires you to be available throughout the duration of the troubleshooting and resolution. If you become unavailable during troubleshooting, the support will revert to business hours.

All support is based on Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Each agreement has 1 support ticket available per month. These do not accumulate. Tickets for system faults are not limited or charged. Whether the system is at fault or working be design is at the discretion of BUZZHub.

Additional support can be discussed depending on your requirements.

BUZZHub addresses the same concerns that exist for both in-house and agency communication teams by automating functions and providing key insights across all activities.

There are so many aspects and functions of BUZZHub, we’d love the opportunity to talk you through them all.

  • Contracts Management
  • Business Development
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Financial Functions
  • Media & Client CRM
  • Project and Teams Management
  • Time Recording and Reporting
  • Client Portal
  • Media Contact Management
  • Campaign Builder
  • Pitch Management Tools
  • Interview Management
  • Talent Interview Portal with Alerts
  • Automated Media Packs
  • Automated Talent Packs
  • Automated Project Planning
  • Automated Progress Email Alerts
  • Media Clip Storage
  • KPI Measurables
  • Project and Period Based Reporting
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Trackable Email Outreach
  • Trackable Media Assets
  • Trackable File Shares
  • Talent Directory
  • Branded NewsWire Portal
  • Forms and Surveys

Have you ever wanted to provide your clients with a portal, but don’t have the technology in place?

BUZZHub now enables you to provide your clients with a branded client portal, for them to access content and reports for their engagements.

Each client of BUZZHub has their own branded NewsWire site. When you engage with your contacts via BUZZHub, the links within your email will link to your branded NewsWire and enable you to track engagement.

There is no cross-over of contact or content sharing within your NewsWire. However, journalists and media contacts will have the ability to view a directory of other NewsWire sites that they already have access to and journalists can search and request talent across all Talent published from within BUZZHub.

BUZZHub can be used by communications teams anywhere in the world. However, the interface is currently limited to English.

BUZZHub is time zone aware, so you can manage contacts and talent working in different parts of the world.

BUZZHub is currently only available in English.

All features are available and supported in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand.

We are currently testing the platform for the following countries: United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, United States, South Africa. If you are interested in BUZZHub, please contact us as we may be able to get you onto our trial program.

If you are located somewhere else, please contact us and we can let you know what may or may not work and whether BUZZHub is right for you.

Because the internet can be a dangerous place, it is important that everyone keeps their computer and browser software up to date.

To take advantage of the great features of BUZZHub and for security reasons, we have requirements on the browser and version used to access BUZZHub.

Supported Browsers & Versions

We always suggest using the latest version, the current minimum requirements are:

  • Chrome v109 and later
  • Opera v94 and later
  • Firefox v109 and later

Unsupported Browsers

  • Safari is not currently supported. This decision was made because the Safari version is tied to the OS version and older computers cannot access or install the newer versions of Safari.

If you have any queries, please contact support.

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