Rethink how you
manage communications

Workflow Platform for Communications Professionals

PR Made Simple, Beautiful.

Work from anywhere and have access to all your campaign assets
Customisable, so you can control your visual identity through BUZZHub
Simple and beautiful interface that you and your clients will love using
An all-in-one solution from contacts, contracts, creative, scheduling and email outreach to reporting and surveys

Reduce duplication, increase efficiency,
lower your costs

BUZZHub is streamlined communications workflow platform that boosts your efficiency and precision. Effortlessly manage media engagements and client interactions, and keep a detailed log of conversations and contractual records.

Say goodbye to duplication and errors, and embrace a more productive workday.

Wingman Ralph

The AI Assistant You Need
Wingman Ralph is ready to assist with your communications activities.

Use Wingman Ralph as part of BUZZHub's content review and approval workflow for a creative kick-start, as a content reviewer and more.
Image of Ralph
Wingman Ralph
Ready to Serve

Multi-location and multi-currency capable

Create a logical division within BUZZHub to represent your locations, divisions, departments or organisations.

BUZZHub lets you use one platform across all of your locations globally, this includes providing a currency and tax configuration for each location or division.

Each location or division created can be configured with its own branding, including logos.

Integrated One-Stop Solution

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The all-in-one PR solution for Agencies and In-house Comms Teams that will change the way you communicate

   Designed for Communication Pros
   Streamline Effort with Automation
   Reduce Duplication, Increase Accuracy
   KPI Management
   Uniform Stationary and Outputs
   Single Point of the Truth
   Track and Schedule Emails
   Client and Media Management
   Pitch Management Solution
   Manage Spokespeople & Talent