Rethink how you manage communications

Software for communications and public relations professionals

PR made simple, beautiful.

Work from anywhere and have access to all your campaign assets.
Be more productive with your time, saving hours every week.
Simple and beautiful interface that you and your clients will love using.
Collaborate with your PR team, clients and talent in one place.
Reduce duplication, increase efficiency and lower your costs.
Standardise and automate your stationary including media packs and reports.

Suitable for PR teams of all sizes

Young comms professional

In-house comms teams

Use BUZZHub's multi-national features to work across your global teams, using localised brands.

Manage KPIs and create internal project teams to manage delivery of your projects.
Person working in a PR Agency

PR agencies

The client portal provides you a method to share content and reports with the brands you manage.

Publish content onto a custom online newswire. Create service agreements and track contracts. Track engagements between clients, the media and talent.
Small business owner

Small businesses

If you are a sole communications professional or a small business, BUZZHub gives you the ability to have the systems usually only available to the big players.

BUZZHub's automation will save time and produce documents quickly.

BUZZHub PR software workflow

Features to buzz over

Content Creation and Publication
Create & Distribute PR Content with BuzzHub's Story Builder and Newswire Services
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Multi-location features
Multi-location and multi-currency capable PR software with individual branding
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Reports and Stationary
Produce project based or client reports. Include timesheet, media clips, audience reach, AVE and talent engagement
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Scheduling & Reporting
Streamline PR Management – Talent Bookings, Interview Tracking and Automated Reporting
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Streamline Your Media Outreach
PR Campaigns | Track Emails & Engage Media Contacts with CRM Tools
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What's all the BUZZ about
Overview video of BUZZHub PR Software
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Wingman Ralph Integrated AI
Use BUZZHub AI assistant for public relations and communications
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Everything to manage your media relations,
made simple.

The all-in-one PR solution for agencies and in-house comms teams that will instantly improve your day

   Designed for communication pros
   Streamline effort with automation
   Reduce duplication, increase accuracy
   KPI management
   Uniform stationary and outputs
   Single point of the truth
   Track and schedule emails
   Client and media management
   Pitch management solution
   Manage spokespeople and talent