Rethink how you
manage communications

Workflow Platform for Communications Professionals

PR Made Simple, Beautiful.

Work from anywhere and have access to all your campaign assets
Customisable, so you can control your visual identity through BUZZHub
Simple and beautiful interface that you and your clients will love using
An all-in-one solution from contacts, contracts, creative, scheduling and email outreach to reporting and surveys

BUZZHub Services Map

Delve deeper and explore the Services Map with solutions that work for Agencies and Communication Teams.

BUZZHub Highlights

Reduce duplication, increase efficiency,
lower your costs

for the cost of your daily cup of joe
Whether referencing media or client details, service contracts or campaign status, BUZZHub gives you ONE point of truth.

With BUZZHub you reduce time wasted duplicating content and benefit from automation and streamlined processes.
Wingman Ralph
Wingman Ralph
We’ve trained up Wingman Ralph to (AI) assist you in your communications activities. Designed to help you with everything from brainstorming ideas to creating and reviewing content.

Talent Directory
Talent Directory
Publish your talent to the Media Portal for indexing. Benefit from reactive media opportunities by publishing your subject matter experts, company spokespeople and other talent so that they are searchable by the media.

Alongside our AI integration, BUZZHub automates and standardises multiple processes, from generating Service Contracts, Media / Press Kits, Talent Packs to interview bookings and self-service portals.

Campaign Execution
campaign Execution
Stop the human errors! Our project planning and check points will ensure you keep track of what’s occurring. Organise, plan and schedule your entire campaign with an extensive toolkit.

Interview Management
Interview Schedule
Plan, book and manage complex media interviews across time zones. Provide a client friendly scheduling portal to your talent, ensuring they know all the ins and outs of each interview.

campaign Execution
Designed for projects and longer term, multi-story engagements. Provide your reports via PDF, Excel or through the Client Portal.

Prevent under or over-servicing
Over Servicing
Cumulative time spent against clients is easily visible allowing you to quickly and easily gauge whether you are under or over-servicing.
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The all-in-one PR solution for Agencies and In-house Comms Teams that will change the way you communicate

   Designed for Communication Pros
   Streamline Effort with Automation
   Reduce Duplication, Increase Accuracy
   KPI Management
   Uniform Stationary and Outputs
   Single Point of the Truth
   Track and Schedule Emails
   Client and Media Management
   Pitch Management Solution
   Manage Spokespeople & Talent